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Aug 08, 2014

The Make-A-Wish Summer 2014 Intern Class in an Infographic

Each summer, a group of full-time interns from all across the country travel to Phoenix, Ariz., to spend 10 weeks at the Make-A-Wish National Office. These interns bring unique skills and experiences to their positions, which cover everything from chapter support to finance and accounting.

The summer 2014 Make-A-Wish intern class in an infographic 

It’s hard to believe that today marks the last day of our summer internship at Make-A-Wish. As one of the 16 full-time interns, I feel so lucky to have received the opportunity to learn more about this organization. I know my fellow interns will agree that we have all grown closer to the Make-A-Wish mission and are coming away from this experience with more knowledge and confidence than we thought possible.

I’m so glad I was able to grow with and learn from this awesome group of people throughout our internship. We brought diverse backgrounds from all across the country and were able to channel our experiences to make an impact in each of our departments.

I designed this infographic highlighting our intern class and the experience we had at Make-A-Wish this summer. We bonded over free ice cream in the break room, tears while reading inspirational wish stories and a common passion for doing good.



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