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Wish Wednesday - Healing Homes

Alicia enjoys her new hot tub with the help of her mom
Most of our wish kids have spent time in the hospital receiving tests and treatment. But every now and then, kids wish to take their therapy home with them. When a child’s bedroom or backyard can be transformed into a place of healing, that’s something we notice.

Since 8-year-old Antonio had his wish to have a greenhouse and orchard granted, he’s nowhere to be found. But Antonio’s mom says that when he disappears, she knows to look outside. She usually finds him surveying his new trees for caterpillars or tending to his fully automated greenhouse. “I’ll be in when I’m done working,” he shouts back to his mom before returning to his intent gardening. Two years ago, he was diagnosed with ROHHAD, a rare genetic disease that causes rapid-onset childhood obesity, among other symptoms. Antonio’s new, strict diet became the inspiration for his green-thumb … and his wish. The fruits and veggies will help him keep healthy while allowing him to share his produce and eating habits with others.

Ten-year-old Issac from Arizona used his wish to satisfy both his medical needs and his galactic interests. Issac has a neurological condition, which forces him to sit at a slant in his wheelchair to keep his airway open. That means he only ever sees the upper part of rooms. His wish to have a bedroom renovation made Issac’s view a little more stellar. Every angle of his room is now decked out in drawings of spaceships and space creatures. Issac’s room is a place made just for him. “His therapy will go better just because he has an actual spot (for it) in there. It just seems like it will be great for him and everything he needs,” Issac’s dad, Roger, told reporters.

And who remembers Alicia and her sweet wish to have a hot tub? Alicia has methylmalonic acidemia, a genetic condition that causes development delays and leaves her feeling stiff. But when she’s in the warm water, her pain eases, and her arms and legs regain some flexibility. With the help of her mom, she can even kick her legs. Alicia’s mom says she often finds Alicia laughing when she’s in her hot tub, playing with her brothers and the pool toys that came with it. In there, Alicia can just be herself, and her mind and body can forget about her condition.

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