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Wish Wednesday - Boats, Campers and Bicycles

For wish kids, the desire to explore – to replace hospital rooms with fresh air and open skies – is powerful. A vehicle, even one as simple as a bicycle, can open their world.
Christian loves the sound of chirping crickets, the smell of a campfire and the sight of a star-filled sky. But a neurodegenerative condition that affects his mobility keeps the 10-year-old indoors most of the time, and tent camping is impossible His ultimate wish to go camping with his family was made possible by the Wyoming chapter and Sonny’s RVs when they presented him with a spacious camper and camping gear. The 27-foot trailer can accommodate Christian’s walker and, with a comfortable bunkhouse, is a dream for any camping enthusiast. Now that his wish has been granted, Christian isn’t wasting any time. The family told the Star Tribune that they planned to park the RV in their driveway and sleep there the night after he received his wish before taking off that weekend for the first of many camping trips.

For 12-year-old Carson, who has cystic fibrosis, it’s the lure of the water that inspired his wish. Neighboring the St. Croix River in Wisconsin, Carson spends many of his free days standing on the shore with a fishing pole in his hands, and has dreams of one day becoming a professional angler. So when volunteers asked what his one wish was, he was ready with an answer: to have his own boat

for greater fishing excursions. After a regular morning of fishing with his dad along the bank, Carson was surprised to find a brand new motorboat waiting for him. This wish will provide Carson and his family with countless hours of enjoyment on the river and escape from thoughts of his illness.

Other wish kids think smaller, like 7-year-old Nate from Maine who wished for a therapeutic riding bike. His wish made an equally big impact, though. Because of Nate’s metabolic disorder, his mobility is limited, and life is mostly restricted to his wheelchair. When he heard about the Discovery Tricycle from Freedom Concepts, he knew he wanted one. His wish came true when he entered the gym at New Suncook School in Lovell, Maine, to find his bike waiting for him. Nate tested his new wheels out in the gym, amazed that he could pedal on his own. Nate’s new bike is outfitted with a safety harness and engineered to help strengthen his legs, but it has another benefit, too. It opened the world for him. It’s time to explore.

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