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Why Granting Wishes Matters

Pause for a minute. Think about a moment in your life that really impacted you. Think about a time when you were the impact. Didn’t it make you feel so full of understanding, positivity and joy? Now, what if you could feel that every 38 minutes?

I’m not writing this blog just because I work at Make-A-Wish. I’m writing this blog because every day I am inspired. I’ve seen the opportunities to make a child smile again every single day.

Cancer, organ transplants, muscular dystrophy, renal disease, heart defects…

Somewhere near you is a child wanting to think about something more than a life of illness, treatments and hospital visits.

When you take a wish and realize the significance it has for that specific child, you discover that every step towards granting that wish is wondrous. There is a chain of support—a mother, a father, a friend, a neighbor—who all bring together their time and creativity—to add a greater meaning to life.

Every 38 minutes somewhere around the world a wish is being granted by Make-A-Wish. Sure, it’s very easy to say that Make-A-Wish is a highly recognized charity, but there is nothing like experiencing it firsthand.   

So, I want to share with you the importance of a wish as told by wish kids themselves…

About this Blog

Wish Nation gives you a behind-the-scenes look at Make-A-Wish®. See how wishes come together and how they change lives forever. Hear directly from those who work or volunteer here, or those who have been transformed by a wish. And learn why we are so committed to someday granting the wish of every eligible child, every year.

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