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Luke's Pineapple wish: A Lasting Impact

  • Luke's note in his classroom journal

  • His teacher responds.

  • Luke imagines his wish experience in Hawaii.

“ The opportunity to dream past his health issues has been wonderful. ”

- Luke's mom

Who knew that a 6-year-old boy could make such a huge difference? When Luke had his wish granted, it wasn’t just his life that was changed. He was able to share the power of a wish®, and his ripple has created waves.

To Luke’s family, a pineapple isn’t just a fruit. For them, a pineapple represents the once-in-a-lifetime trip to Hawaii that brought them together. Even more than that, it represents their son, Luke.

When Luke had his wish granted in 2010, he was in the midst of dealing with a life-threatening medical condition – an abnormality in his blood vessels was causing his lungs to essentially destroy themselves. But Luke was able to find solace in the one thing he loved most: gardening. He loved horticulture so much, in fact, that when Make-A-Wish asked him to name his one true wish, he told them that he wanted to go to see pineapples grow in Hawaii.

His mother, Erin, said, “The opportunity to dream past his health issues has been wonderful.”

After his trip, Luke learned about being an ambassador for Make-A-Wish. It was through his contributions to the organization that he reinvented the joy of wish granting for other children. He even created a team for the annual Walk For Wishes®, which his family still walks in year after year. 

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Together we walk. Together we grant wishes.

Walk For Wishes® is a nationwide Make-A-Wish® fundraiser. By participating in one of the 75 walks held throughout the country, you can help impact the life of an eligible child in your community.

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM


I love pineapple, I'm kinda obsessed with them. This makes me so happy, this little boy went to got see pineapple that i may never have the chance to be somewhere where there is amazing pineapple I am so happy for him but I like pineapple too congrats to this man I envy u!!

April 10, 2015 - 9:16 AM

Elizabeth P.

What a rich and yet simple wish! The best things in life are simple, yes? And Luke knew it all along! Bravo! Thank you for your beautiful example, Luke!

May 28, 2015 - 12:40 PM

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